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My Legs Got Tubed

Your doctor just threw away your legs. Have fun! v1.6 out now! · By Unnerved Studios


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Happy Birthday My Legs Got Tubed! v1.6
This time last year, My Legs Got Tubed was created. From there it has become my biggest project ever. So this update is to celebrate it's 1st birthday! Version...
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Small store and linux fixes
Updated the store page and downloads to be more user friendly. Fixed and uploaded the Linux v1.5 executable. Made a trailer for the game Made some new art for t...
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V1.5 | THE TRAIN TUBES | The biggest update yet!
Version 1.5 is out now ! The main feature of this update is the third level ! It's called The Train Tubes. Here's a screenshot I took just before getting hit by...
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Beta 1.4.1f - Linux support & More
I've been working hard on the train update and I've managed to get a Linux build working. The Windows and MacOS builds have also gotten a bit of a touch up. Mad...
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About a level 3
All of the feedback from the last update has been awesome. Thank you all. I saw a lot of you being disappointed because the game is incomplete. So I've decided...
A New Update! 1.4f
Hello MGLT players! Today, I finally decided that I'd release the newest update. It's basically been done for a while now, but I felt like it needed something b...
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Version 1.3f - The First Big Update
With this update, I aim to improve everything . Many things have been changed or replaced entirely for this goal. Here's a list of some of the changes Removed...
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WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR This place is for posting your best times
started by Unnerved Studios Sep 29, 2018
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If you would like to give me feedback about the game, please feel free to do so here.
started by Unnerved Studios Feb 01, 2018
22 replies
If you encounter any bugs or have any issues with the game, please tell me here.
started by Unnerved Studios Feb 01, 2018
19 replies
Put all of your yt video links about making a gameplay of MLGT in my reply :) Btw here is my linked video for my gamepla...
started by nekuro Sep 15, 2018
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In between the lines, we see a stick man desperately trying to get out of the hospital to get his next drug fix.
started by Monkeystein Studios Sep 14, 2018
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