A New Update! 1.4f

Hello MGLT players!

Today, I finally decided that I'd release the newest update. It's basically been done for a while now, but I felt like it needed something before I could release it. A few days ago, my friend and I made some music for the game. After adding the music, I finally feel it's ready to go. So without further ado, here's what has changed in the latest update.

  • The "HTube System" level is now complete and ready to play!
  • New secret areas added
  • A timer now appears when playing a level
    • Your best times for each level will be saved
  • I have a new and beefier computer
    • All levels now have baked light maps and look super hot
  • The "Hospital" level now has it's own music
  • The "HTube System" level now has it's own music
    • The old "Dump Song" has been removed
  • Made a new startup screen that looks super nice
  • Fixed many, many bugs

Thanks for playing my game! You're all awesome


MLGTWindows.zip 118 MB
14 days ago
MLGTMacOS.zip 129 MB
14 days ago

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