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Level 3 and Version 1.6.1f are out right now!!

My Legs Got Tubed is a goofy platforming game. An operation gone awry leaves a stickman without their legs. No matter how much they trespass, the goal is clear: exact revenge and retrieve the legs. With arms as the weapon of choice, it's a slapping adventure. 
But is it the same without legs? Can any man really be a man without legs? Or a woman be a woman? Or anything be anything without legs? I say nay. NAY!

– Markiplier

After breaking their legs, a stickman is rushed to hospital to have their legs fixed. A surgeon, new to the job, sends the stickman's legs down the Tube System by accident.
Because you don't have insurance, the hospital doesn't do anything about it. The rest of the story is yours.

How to play

Use A to move left and D to move right.
To use your arms, put your mouse at the position where you want the hands to go. They'll try their very best to get there.
You can use this to push yourself around, jump and push objects. 

If you are using a controller, the left joystick controls left and right movement and the right joystick controls the position of the arms.

Also, can you find the 2 secret rooms?

Downloading The Game (it's free)

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Don't download the game from websites other than unnervedstudios.itch.io. This is the only official download page for the game.


Thanks for playing the game! It is currently still in development and has 3 out of 5 planned level completed. The game can be finished in the current update.


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