Version 1.3f - The First Big Update

With this update, I aim to improve everything. Many things have been changed or replaced entirely for this goal. Here's a list of some of the changes

  • Removed old 'arm' physics system and added custom physics
  • Replaced the whole hospital area with a better hospital
  • Added controller support. Controllers make it much easier for new players to understand the controls.
  • Recreated the UI.
  • Added a settings menu. It can be accessed from the main menu or in the pause menu.
  • Added different graphical quality levels.
  • Replaced some assets with higher quality ones.
  • Physics objects will no longer vibrate radically when pushed into the ground. The player with now push themselves up as if it were any other surface.
  • Physics objects can no longer be used to fly as the physics are now proper physics.
  • Fixed the cut-scene.
  • Made the player look pretty (see hospital comparison)
  • Added the H-Tube System area. (incomplete)
  • Fixed many collision bugs
  • Added a new level system to allow multiple levels.
  • Added the ability to go through multiple doors from the same area and the possibility of non-linear levels.
  • Added better area transitions.

... And more smaller changes.

I hope you enjoy this update! I would love to hear you thoughts and ideas on the game and the update, so please leave your feedback!

Thankyou for playing!

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Apr 11, 2018

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