About a level 3

All of the feedback from the last update has been awesome. Thank you all. I saw a lot of you being disappointed because the game is incomplete. So I've decided to start work on the 3rd level. Concept art is basically done, now I need to make the thing. 

It will take a long time. Because 1) I'm just one dude and I don't earn anything from the game. 2) this level will be more intense than the first 2 levels.

Hope you look forward to it!

Get My Legs Got Tubed

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OH MY FREAKING GOD... finally some progress that's shown... Please try to make it quick yet cool (Also the game without legs is funnier)

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Sorry, probably won’t be too soon. I have to balance my homework and game development. But, I’m trying my best.

(edit: what do you mean by "the game without legs is funnier"?)

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Can't wait to play it :3

Your game is really cool man, I wish I could explore the world as this guy